Louisiana Grills – Robin

Since getting our LG900 in 2013 we have grilled in rain, sleet or snow…No holding us back from having the best tasting meals! We’re able to use an abundance of flavoured pellets as well. When we start to grill, our neighbors lean on our fence and learn techniques from marinating, to the ability to grill low or high temps. No worrying when to add more pellets. You are able to fill the pellets, and go on your merry way. With a huge corner property, we can complete tasks as we grill, or even take the dogs for a walk. Not only does Louisiana Grills make the very best grills and accessories, they make the best spices and sauces! Are you looking to surprise dad or a loved one? A gift like this would last and last. And, your loved one would think of you every time they grill. Never let weather hold you back. GRILL GRILL GRILL with Louisiana Grills.

Robin Wolfe - Delaware, USA