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San Juan Fiberglass Pools

We sell and install high-quality one-piece fiberglass pools by San Juan Products. These pools are in a league of their own when it comes to providing the pool-buying public with value and quality.

With San Juan Products, there's never any room for compromise on quality. All San Juan one-piece fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict supervision, resulting in a predictable high-quality product right down to the tile and accessory installations.

Why Buy an In-ground Fiberglass Swimming Pool?
  • Quick installation compared to concrete pools.
  • Easy maintenance: fiberglass gelcoat never needs painting, resists stains and cleans easily.
  • Smooth surface: non-abrasive finish, no sharp edges.
  • Flexible material: the pool shell can flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement.

Radiant Pools

Above Ground/Semi-Inground/Inground Pools

You are making a significant investment in your property. Demand real value for your money. Choosing the pool that is right for you is the only thing that matters.

The Radiant Pool offers incredible features and benefits that you won't find in any other pool. Unique manufacturing technology, unlimited installation options, incredible warranty protection and energy savings that, over time, allows this pool to pay for itself. No other pool on the market today can offer this complete value-added package. It is truly the smart backyard investment.

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