"I like to think that if you grab the handle and go to work, someone else will see you and maybe offer to help out."

John Deterding started planning the memorial in the spring of 1999 to honor the Nebraska veterans. He thought to himself, "Why don't I do something before we World War Two vets are gone?" In the summer of 2000 he started placing the white and brown stones. After doing the majority of the work himself the memorial was dedicated on Memorial Day of 2001 by the VFW,American Legion Color Guards, and American Legion Commanders.

"We only hope that when people see the Memorial they stop to think about the cost of our freedoms and the price paid for it - not only by the veterans who faced the bullets - but by every one at home who raised the food, built the planes, tanks, guns, ships and everything else needed to carry on a war - for without the material good we could not have faced the enemy." John Deterding (WWII veteran in Europe) and Merlin Burglund (WWII veteran in China, India, and Burma).

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